Ice Cream Fountain

Ice Cream Fountain. Ice Cream Fountain. Come and enjoy our old fashioned ice cream counter and the best ice cream in the area! Try our famous milk shakes, ice cream sodas, protein smoothies, medical food shakes and more.

Introducing Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream... Since the 1800s, Nathaniel Main from Pawcatuck, CT used his creativity to start a home delivery milk and ice cream business from the back of his horse-drawn wagon. Later on it allowed his granddaughter, Audrey, and her husband, Randall Gifford, to venture into opening the business now known as Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream in Skowhegan, ME. Their business takes on the core values of sharing a common love of family and life’s simple pleasures. This natural ice cream, which has captured the hearts of many families, is made with fresh milk and cream from local dairy farms.

The rich flavors Far Hills Pharmacy offers are:




Mint Chocolate Chip

Butter Pecan



Cookies & Cream

Cherry Blossom

ice cream fountain 

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